Shouting from the top of a ladder

When your plans are going well, and you’re hitting business heights you could not even imagine beforehand, you know you are onto a good thing.

Alan Jarvis and his partner Charlotte recently launched their My Window Cleaner franchise in Canterbury. Expectations were high, but thanks to the combined efforts of franchisor and franchisee, they smashed their targets – and the trend is continuing.

It all started with the pre-launch marketing campaign that the head office team organised for Alan whilst he was in training. Franchise Director, Ian Bradley, said: “It’s really important to get the right marketing mix from day one and we achieved that. Alan’s target was to win 40 customers in his first month and we won 68! It was a great team effort with our marketing company, internal staff and Alan executing a well-planned, multi-faceted plan.

“Not only that, but the average customer spend in Alan’s business plan was doubled. He’s ahead on his sales on every metric, it’s been an excellent start to the business. Alan has worked very hard to implement the model and is now reaping the rewards.”

Karen Prewer, MD of My Window Cleaner, also expressed her delight. “To have such a successful first launch is fantastic, we are delighted for Alan and Charlotte,” she said. “As a new franchisor, we applied our 23 years worth of trading marketing knowledge to the launch, but the results even surprised us.”

Asked if she thought if this was a one-off, Karen replied: “Absolutely not! Whenever we have applied the same marketing techniques on our core business, we get very similar results. What made this different was that it was in an area where the My Window Cleaner brand has not been seen before. We are always learning from and analysing the results and each time we just get better and better at it.”

The My Window Cleaner teams are now working on the next pre-start marketing campaign, for their new franchise partner Josh El-Gueddari, in Bournemouth. Even though the official campaign has not started yet, customers have already been won and expectations are high once again.

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About My Window Cleaner

Founded in 1996, My Window Cleaner is now one of the largest brands in its sector. The new franchise in Canterbury joins company-owned operations in north London and south Hertfordshire, servicing over 4,000 customers. Operatives arrive in professional liveried vans, which are installed with modern Reach & Wash purified water systems, as well as traditional equipment. The business is technology-led, using systems to keep customers informed about their cleans, backed by a focus on always providing the best service possible. Franchisees use a smart phone APP, so that they can keep the system updated in real time, as well as sending an automated paperless bill to each customer, once the job has been completed.

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