One year ago, Sallie Belton was awarded her QFP certificate by the British Franchise
Association. Sallie has been with Suit the City since its inception in 2007 and has been
responsible for not only her own clients, but new product development as well training new
franchisees in all technical aspects of running their business.
Sallie’s studies and subsequent qualification as a professional franchisor has led to several
projects being implemented to further improve the operation of the franchise network at Suit the City. The focus was on streamlining systems for the franchisees, freeing up their time from administration activities, as a result allowing them to spend even more time with their clients.
The initiatives put in place include a new accounting package designed to align the franchisor with the franchisee, this enables the franchisor to easily recognise outstanding performance and support any franchisees that may need extra support – be that with marketing initiatives or additional coaching from the directors.
A new lead handling system has been installed which has many beneficial features, including lead tracking, automatic reminders to follow-up their clients and tools to manage the pipeline more efficiently.
Well done Sallie!