CeX successfully launches own brand of tech accessories

Complete Entertainment eXchange, better known as the revolutionary high street recycler “CeX”, has recently made a departure from their  “buy and sell” business model by launching their own proprietary line of technology accessories called CeX Basics.

CeX Basics can now be found on the shelves of corporate and franchise CeX stores across the UK, Ireland & Spain, and are subject to the same pricing analysis magic that makes the CeX brand so successful in the used entertainment market.

Always looking to add extra revenue generating opportunities for their franchise partners, CeX has called CeX Basics another feather in their cap and had the following to say:

“CeX basics is our own label brand that aims to deliver a high-quality, lower priced range of chargers, cables and technology accessories. There’s a yawning gap for a decently made, honestly priced range of accessories. Manufacturer’s accessories are usually overpriced and lower priced alternatives are often poor quality, some lasting only weeks and rendered useless by software updates.”